Shadow Gangs is an arcade style ninja action game.



The graphics are HD hand drawn and traditional style animated.



You play the role of Dan the current ninja order master.



Your mission is to rescue your family from the Shadow Force crime organisation, whose members are known as the Shadow Gangs.



Use your ninja transformation ability and your special powers.



Venture over 10 levels, defeat the 6 bosses, save your family and defeat


the Shadow Gangs.



"A sheer masterpiece in every sense of the word. The amount of time, love and passion put into this is clear for all to see...   This is definitely a modern day Shinobi; and an absolute must have for anyone who loves the original!!!" DamienD (Steam review)
"Shadow my BOI, well done with the throwback! You took me back to the old days of gaming right before we got into the next gen world. I am very pleased to see your still on the grind with this awesome game brotha! You have "cast" away the "dream" and made it into a reality! Keep it up, KAGE4EVA!!!" Ology (Youtube comment)
"All the best , this game deserves to be played by so many more people. It really is one of the best 2d nostalgic games ever made in my opinion. The tracks still linger in my mind and I havent played it for a few months" RAINKINGX1 (Twitter)
"Wonderful work one of the best indie games on Dreamcast with proper development :) now let all support this :)" Ian Micheal (Youtube comment)
“A Can't miss for retro game fans. A true work of art in modern retro gaming .  9.8/10” Gamer Guys and Gals
"Had this (Shadow Gangs) been on the Saturn as Shinobi IV, I wouldn't of complained one bit" Sega Lord X (Youtube video)
"THIS! is the Shinobi game SEGA never released on Dreamcast!!! I waited 23 years to play it! I can't wait for the Kickstarter 😀" Jack Kyle (Youtube comment)
"I had never seen something like this on steam; ORIGINAL, FUNNY, TREMENDOUS graphically, perhaps it is missing not being able to choose between 3 characters that was usual in these arcades but it is a jewel that you should not miss if you are into retro. It is a game to "savor" little by little." lflati (Steam review)
"It's mind blowing to see it running at 60fps with so many parallax layers at 640x480 on the 23 years old Dreamcast o_O  I don't even remember any retail Dreamcast game achieving that! :O I NEED this!!" joe yabuki (Twitter)
"If your a fan of the classic Shinobi series then this is one you cannot afford to miss out on." Cat Daddy (Steam review)
"Graphics are mindblowing - I have no idea how did they manage to make the game look like old games, in modern resolutions." machinedgod (Steam review)
“The love and care that JKM Corp put into the game shows and is worth every penny. Shadow Gangs is good. Damn good.” Grown Gaming
"One of the best indie games with massive amounts of work And proper use of the  the dreamcast full hardware rendering using GLDC  60fps  It's fantastic :)" Ian Micheal (Twitter)
"Do you want an arcade cabinet straight from the 80s at home, but don't have the space nor the money to buy it? Emulating the classics with MAME is an option, but when you also want new content and a game made exclusively for your PC, then this game is as close as it gets." svenevil (Steam review)
“SHADOW GANGS is the closest thing to playing a Shinobi today. And a very good one, by the way.” Metodologic
"Fantastic, I already love it. And that music ❤️❤️ so 90’s. You’ve outdone yourself 🤘" mazonemayu (Youtube comment)
"The Spiritual successor to Shinobi. I'm only on the second chapter atm, but I'm loving it!" TORCHer Games (Steam review)
"Look no further, this one, you need it!" redjack (Steam review)
"This game is fantastic! A time trip back to the 80's. Do yourself a favour and buy this game." Joe Musashi (Steam review)
"Best retro ever" Alexander Santarpia (Facebook)
"If you enjoy the arcade Shinobi titles, you will no doubt adore this has proven to be one of the highlights of my gaming year" (
"If you like Shinobi, this is definitely a must. I see this like the Monster Boy games being continued by an Indie developer, except for Shinobi.
SEGA should probably get him to make an official Shinobi remaster / reboot!" The Elite MYT (Twitter)
"Completed the game btw, and liked it... Would definitely buy a sequel if this will ever happen." (Steam community)
"A homage to Shinobi and classic arcade games done with love and respect." (
"The graphics are hand painted and in HD, very colorful and with great detail in almost all levels, but if something takes the palms here it is the music, which will remind us of the action movies of the eighties, such as: Comando , American Ninja, Delta force and any other of those movies full of testosterone, explosions and seasoned with the sounds of Van Halen- style guitars , the truth with that style of music anyone is motivated to keep going despite all the adversity, despite that the Shadosw Gangs beat you 10,000 to 1."
"Amazing game. Addictive as hell  For anyone who loved the arcade games in the 90's this is perfect. I bought this on the screenshots alone. Awesome graphics and sound, vibrant colours..." "...We need more games like this on the xbox. Highly reccomend " Xbox live review.
"For avid arcade fans and dedicated players, Shadow Gangs is an excellent experience, having excellent sound design, visuals, and gameplay...The game achieves exactly what it intended to do, paying homage to retro-styled games while revitalizing them. I really enjoyed my experience with Shadow Gangs."
"If you enjoyed #shinobi series, you MUST to buy Shadow Gangs
. When you play with it you have the same sensations and it smells like the 80's ... I am enjoying it like a child! Great job! " Fran Sendra (Twitter)
"The visuals speak for themselves, but I was happy to discover that the game plays just as good as it looks; controls are tight and the combat feels really satisfying. Level designs and enemy types show an impressive amount of variety, with each of the game's levels set in a different locale, with completely unique art assets. Aside from visual variety, the level layouts themselves are more varied than I expected too! Some levels are far more vertical than others, some focus on perilous platforming, and others feature foreground/background switching similar to some of the Shinobi games.
The enemy design is quite well done too, each enemy type has a distinct and predictable pattern, and none of them are usually much of a threat on their own - but if you allow them to gang up on you things get very hairy very quickly. The variety in level layouts and enemy attack patterns makes each level and even each enemy encounter a unique challenge, so the game never gets repetitive despite its simple mechanics. In other words: the game puts forth a simple set of mechanics, and through different level and enemy permutations it tests your skill and understanding of those mechanics - just like a good arcade game should." Jiggeh (Steam review)
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